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"In ten sessions you will feel the difference, in twenty you will see the difference, in thirty you will have a whole new body."
- Joseph Pilates


The Wonderful Resource for Mind-Body Fitness and Wellness


At WONDERFUL PILATES, we teach the STOTT PILATES™ method on Pilates Mat and Equipments, STOTT PILATES is a balanced, total-body approach to flexibility, toning and strengthening. Unlike weightlifting and other activities that reduce flexibility and involve risk of injury and wear and tear on your joints, Pilates is low-impact, safe and can be practiced long term without harmful effects. Often practiced in addition to cardiovascular activity, Pilates will revitalize you, helping you trim down, tone up and strength without bulk. All ages can enjoy Pilates. You need not be an athlete in top condition. Many post-rehabilitation patients include Pilates in their recovery regimen.

Loretta Wang has provided Pilates reflecting her background in yoga, tai chi, fitness, rehab and STOTT Pilates. Pilates develops a strong center which helps alleviate back pain, prevents injury and improves performance in all aspects of life.



I joined a fitness center for my 48th birthday. A few weeks after doing repetitious machine work I met Loretta and tried her introductory Pilates class. I soon found that I was quickly gaining strength and flexibility from her workouts and wasn't bored by repetitous exercise; Pilates exercises changed as I progressed. Now, after 1 1/2 years of taking only Pilates, I am enjoying a stronger, more flexible body, the best posture of my life, and incredibly increased energy levels! I would recommend Loretta's classes to anyone wants to "shape up" as Pilates has truly changed my life.

- Stephanie R

Pilates is truly a wonder in the world of exercise. I have been taking classes from Loretta for over a year and it is the first time I have ever stuck with any exercise routine. Loretta "personalizes" every workout to address your own body's needs. She is extremely knowledgeable in all aspects of the body. My strength, balance, flexibility and body shape have come such a long way. I LOVE PILATES!! And Loretta is an incredible instructor!

- Susie W

I suffered from chronic and severe back pain for years. Nothing really seemed to help, until met Loretta and took Pilates classes. Strengthening my core, has benefited me greatly. Now I rarely have back pain. I plan to continure with Pilates for better health. I feel younger, stronger, and have much better stamina. I actually look forward to my weekly Pilates session!

- Theresa Masters


Reach Your Goals Through
This Wonderful Workout that Balances the Body.

At WONDERFUL PILATES, Loretta Wang will help you set and attain your goals with a personalized, comprehensive exercise plan adapted from Joseph Pilates' original method. Although Pilates can be effectively practiced with only an exercise mat, our private studio includes a reformer, wall unit (cadillac), chair, barrels and small apparatus Pilates equipments to help you maximize your results.


WONDERFUL PILATES is conveniently located at Maryland Heights in St. Louis County, MO. Call Loretta Wang at 314-452-5272 for more information or to schedule introductory sessions.